Jurassic World


The legendary dinosaurs of Isla Nubar have come roaring to life with our deliciously thrilling Jurassic World products!

Each Jurassic World product we offer comes with a mini character poster and a pack of tasty Radz candy! Your jaws will snap it right up!

Find Jurassic World in these products!

Radz Jurassic World collectible toy candy dispensers are fun and easy to use! To operate, pull the character’s head back and the tongue pops out with candy! All Radz character tops are interchangeable so as you collect more Radz, you can mix and match to create your own unique characters.

Radz Jurassic World Twistz are collectible toy characters that you can twist apart and fill with candy. All Radz Twistz character tops are interchangeable so the more Twistz you collect, the more unique characters you can create!