Smooshy Mushy


Smooshyville’s most adorable, playful pets and their foodilicious little Besties are now available in many different Radz products!

Each Smooshy Mushy product comes with a colorful mini character poster and a scrumptious bag of Radz candy!

Find Smooshy Mushy in these products!

Radz Smooshy Mushy collectible toy candy dispensers are fun and easy to use! To operate, pull the character’s top back and the tongue pops out with candy! All Radz character tops are interchangeable so as you collect more Radz, you can mix and match to create your own unique characters.

Radz Smooshy Mushy Twistz are collectible toy characters that you can twist apart and fill with candy. All Radz Twistz character tops are interchangeable so the more Twistz you collect, the more unique characters you can create!

These fun collectible foam toy dispensers are easy to squish and come with a tasty treat! Each Smooshy Mushy Radz Foamz character comes with a pack of Radz candy and a colorful poster with a collector’s guide on the back. To operate, pull bottom tab and fill with candy! Collect all six Smooshy Mushy Foamz characters!

The Smooshy Mushy 4in1 surprise plus Bestie comes with a super squishy Bestie, a pack of Radz candy, an iconic character poster, and a surprise Bestie charm bracelet! Collect all 13 Besties and Bestie Charm Bracelets!

Collect them all! Wear them All! Radz 3in1 Surprise blind box comes with a pack of super sweet Radz candy, a pop-out collector card, and a surprise charm bracelet! Collect all 13 charms to create one fabulous foodilicious charm bracelet!