Candy + Dispenser

These fun collectible character dispensers are easy to squish and come with a tasty treat! To operate the Radz Foamz, pull the bottom tab and fill with candy!

Each Foamz character includes a pack of mouth-watering Radz candy and a character poster with a collector’s guide on the back.


The Radz Smooshy Mushy Foamz candy dispensers feature some of the Smooshys’ bestest besties: squishy treats that are always there to help the Smooshys get out of sticky situations! These fabulous, foodilicious friends include Suki Strawberry Cake, Samira Smore, Bella Blueberry Macaron, Fritzy Frie, Rozy Raspberry Donut, and Mooky Milky.

Radz squishable Paw Patrol Foamz dispensers include the show’s favorite rescue dogs: Chase, Marshall, Skye, and a secret pup.

Radz cute, squishable Foamz line is available in four magical Unicorn characters: Rainbow Shine, Princess Twilight, Starlight Sparkle, and a secret Unicorn.

Radz DC Foamz candy dispensers include the world’s most iconic (and most squishable) superheroes and villains: Batman (available in 2 styles!), Wonder Woman, The Flash, Harley Quinn, Joker and a secret superhero. Saving the universe has never felt so squishy.

Coming Soon!

Find your perfect Trollmate with our new Trolls Foamz candy dispensers! This vibrant collection includes Poppy (available in 2 styles!), Branch, Guy Diamond, DJ Suki and a secret character. Each of these colorful, squishable characters are brimming with optimism, not to mention delicious candy.

Which one of our WWE Foamz dispensers will take home the ultimate candy title? Collect all six Superstars for a sugary smackdown! Our Foamz WWE champions include John Cena, Ultimate Warrior, Undertaker, Sting, Alexa Bliss, and a secret Superstar.

We’ve got a squishable, squeezable dispenser for every mood! Collect all nine of our colorful Foamz Expressions candy dispensers: LOL, Poop, Kiss, Delicious, Nerd, In Love, Sunglasses, Grimacing, and a secret character.

These egg-citing squishable Easter dispensers are
available in three hoppy bunnies (Cookie, Clover, and Cooper) and a chick (Conner).

Radz festive squishable Foamz dispensers are available in four holiday-related characters: Santa Clause, Snowy the Snowman, Rudy the Reindeer, and Doug the Christmas Tree!