Candy + Dispenser

Bring joy to your day with our Radz dispensers! Radz collectible toy candy dispensers are fun and easy to use! To operate, pull the character’s top back and the tongue pops out with candy! All Radz character tops are interchangeable so as you collect more Radz, you can mix and match to create your own unique characters.


Radz Smooshy Mushy collection includes five loveably mischievous pets from Smooshyville: Babsy Bear, Bitsy Bunny, Felina Fawn, Popsy Piggy and a secret Smooshy. These adorable dispensers are oh so sweet and fun!

The Radz Paw Patrol dispenser team is made up of four plucky pups from the show. Join Chase, Marshall, Skye and a secret pup on their heroic, candy-filled adventures.

Radz line of DC Comics dispensers are available in six of the World’s Most Iconic superheroes and villains: Batman, Superman, the Flash, Wonder Woman, Cyborg and Harley Quinn! Collect them all and look for secret and limited-edition characters!

Radz Trolls toy candy dispensers are based on the main characters from the movie: Guy Diamond, Poppy, Branch, Biggie, and Smidge! Look for the Radz Trolls secret character!

Radz roaring new dinosaur dispensers are based on the main dinosaurs from Universal Studios new Jurassic World movie: Blue, T-Rex, Dilophosaurus, and Triceratops! Pull back the top of the dinosaur’s head and the jaws will open giving you a delicious piece of candy!

Adventure with Equestria’s favorite pony friends with the Radz My Little Pony collection. Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy are all available in two styles! Plus be on the lookout for limited-edition ponies Rarity and Applejack as well as a secret character!

Radz Transformers collection is available in some of the most popular characters: Optimus Prime, Underbite, Grimlock and Bumble Bee.

Radz Angry Bird dispensers are based on the three main characters from the Angry Birds Movie and video game series: Red, Bomb, and Chuck!

Have a Hoppy Easter with our adorable Easter collection! Radz Easter collection is available in two colorful bunnies (April & Pepper), and a chick (Elliott).

This festive collection is made up of four holiday-related characters: Freeze the Snowman, Toddy the Elf, Jingles the Reindeer, and Berry the Polar Bear.